Kingston Mediation Services is a sub-office of Vicky Visca & Associates, 1265733 Ontario Inc.  Vicky Visca has been providing Family Mediation Services for over 35 years.  All Mediators affiliated with Vicky Visca & Associates are Accredited Family Mediators.

Family Mediation


What is Family Mediation

Family Mediation is a confidential, voluntary and affordable process that assists clients find solutions regarding issues arising from separation and divorce.  Mediation is family-focused and promotes communication and cooperation between the participants.  It is a process that helps you and former spouse or partner settle matters out of Court.  The Mediator helps each person feel heard and understood and assists in negotiating a plan that is agreeable to each of you.  If you and your former spouse or partner have already started a Court process, it is not too late to consider Mediation.  We have Mediators available on the day of Court to provide free Mediation.  As well, the Judge may adjourn your matter with the understanding that you will be participating in Mediation.

The Family Mediation Process

The process starts with the Mediator having a separate confidential intake meeting with each person.  The intake meeting allows you the opportunity to discuss the issues you would like to see addressed in Mediation.  The Mediator will ask questions to help make a decision as to whether or not Mediation is the right process for your family.  Mediation may not be appropriate for all families.  The private intake helps you and the Mediator determine if the process is emotionally and physically safe and if there are any steps that need to be implemented before the process begins.

If Mediation proceeds, joint sessions will be scheduled where the Mediator will assist you in finding options  to resolve the issues you have identified.  The Mediator will remain neutral throughout the process to ensure a fair, balanced, and safe process.

Following completion of the joint sessions, the Mediator will prepare a Mediation Report detailing the agreements that you have reached.  Individuals are encouraged to seek independent legal advice throughout the Mediation process to ensure your rights and responsibilities have been addressed.  The agreements created in Mediation are not legally binding.

Why Family Mediation

Family Mediation is an empowering and cost-effective alternative to the adversarial process of going to Court.  A neutral third party, the Mediator, helps participants establish common ground, improve communication, and develop plans that are meaningful and in the best interests of the children and to all the participants involved.   Our success rate in resolving issues is over 80%.


There is no cost for individual intake meetings with the Mediator.

Off-Site Mediation:

Fees for Off-Site Joint sessions are on a sliding scale based on each person's respective incomes and the number of child dependents each person has.

On-Site Mediation:

There are no fees for On-Site Joint sessions.


On-Site Mediation

Off-Site Mediation

Off-Site Mediation


On-Site (at Court) Mediation is a free service offered at Unified Family Court in Kingston.  Clients who are scheduled to appear in Court can access an On-Site Mediator to address issues such as Parenting Plans including decision-making and parenting schedules and child support issues.  If you feel Mediation may assist you, or for more information, speak to the Information & Referral Coordinator at Court, Duty Counsel, or Court staff on the day of your Court appearance.

Off-Site Mediation

Off-Site Mediation

Off-Site Mediation


Off-Site Mediation is offered at our offices located at 348 Bagot Street, Suite 105, Kingston, Ontario.  Off-Site Mediation fees are on a sliding scale, based on each person's respective incomes and the number of child dependents each person has.    Off-Site Mediators can assist in addressing Parenting Plans including decision-making and parenting schedules, Child and Spousal support issues, and property related issues.   Off-Site Mediation services are by appointment only.

Mandatory Information Programs

Information & Referral Coordinator

Information & Referral Coordinator


Attending a Mandatory Information Program (MIP) is the mandatory first step in the Family Court process.  If you have a matter in Family Court, you will receive a notice to attend the MIP.  Applicants and Respondents attend separate sessions.

The MIP's provide important information about:

  • The impact of separation and divorce on children and adults
  • How to help children cope with the parental separation
  • Legal Information
  • The Family Court Process
  • Dispute resolution options
  • Community Resources

Information & Referral Coordinator

Information & Referral Coordinator

Information & Referral Coordinator


The Information and Referral Coordinator (IRC) is available Monday to Friday (excluding Statutory holidays) from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Family Court.  The IRC can assist with the following:

  • Information specific to separation and divorce and child protection matters, and alternative dispute resolution
  • Up-to-date resources, programs, and services that are available in the community.
  • Facilitation and rescheduling of MIP session dates
  • Referral of clients to Court staff, Advice Counsel, and Mediators